I am french, my name is Claude Guyot.

My Myanmar friends call me Ko Nyein Chan.

I used to be a geologist, and I had the opportunity to stay many years in several countries, essentially in Far East, Subsaharian and Western Africa, Middle East, and Central America.

Besides my professional activity and family life, my hobby was photography. At present I still travel and dedicate as much time as possible to it. 

My pictures intend essentially to reflect the identity of people, the delicacy attached to their gestures or rituals, or simply life scenes. 

The objective attached to my activity, and this website: by the means of exhibitions or events at the sole benefit of NGO's or charitable associations, contribute supporting local people who are in the need. 

With thanks to my friends:

Rene Drouyer, my mentor. Link to René Drouyer Photo Website . In Myanmar, Daw Le Le Tin, my Myanmar language Instructor, and U Aung Gyi, for having shared their cultural heritage. And Puntsok Dolma - Denise Campet, President of Apact, for her high sensitivity to tibetan people and culture.